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Katy Perry talks Halloween costume, Vegas residency costumes and “adorable” looks for Daisy

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Over the years, Katy Perry has dressed for Halloween as everything from a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto, to Freddie Mercury, to a fried egg.  But for this year, the singer — who also once dressed up as hand sanitizer for American Idol — says she’s got something that may top even those looks.

“For Halloween, I definitely have a very topical costume,” she tells Vogue. “I like to hit the summary of the year on the head, and it’s very goofy as I go. There’s two ways to go, either a little bit slutty or a little bit weird, and I always tend to lean weird.”

And speaking of costumes, Katy also tells Vogue that she’s busy prepping for her Vegas residency show, PLAY, by “creating these incredible costumes…that are larger than life and really lean into the Vegas-ness.”  And Katy’s daughter, Daisy, will be getting into the dressing-up fun as well, she says.

“The truth is I’m always on Etsy looking for a handcrafted cute moment,” Katy reveals. “I’ve favorited a couple of gingerbread dresses for my daughter. Just adorable things.”

This week, though, you can see Katy dressed in comfy sweats and denim in her new commercials for Gap’s latest holiday campaign.

“It’s a bit of a full-circle moment because my first-ever paying job, aside from cleaning houses or something like that, was at a Gap in Santa Barbara,” Katy says. “I would fold the fleeces during the holidays.”

“The Gap had these playlists that had all these up-and-coming artists in it. Like, I dreamed about making that playlist,” she adds. “The idea that I get to be in a Gap commercial, it was a bucket list moment.”

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