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Katy Perry says her new album will chronicle her healing journey from clinical depression

Rony Alwin

Rony AlwinEverything is coming up Katy Perry.  The American Idol judge is eagerly counting down the days to her upcoming nuptials with fiancé Orlando Bloom, the arrival of their first child, and the release of her next studio album — all of which are happening this summer.

Perry tells Australian radio show Smallzy’s Surgery that, despite having a full plate, she’s not sweating it.  When talking about the album, she revealed, “I’ve just been kind of casually working on it for about two years and not putting pressure on myself.”

The singer revealed that taking it easy stemmed from a painful lesson she learned almost three years ago while finishing up her Witness studio album.  “I definitely went through some intense stuff,” admitted Perry.  “And that was pretty evident.”

The challenges piled up and triggered an avalanche of negative thoughts.  Revealed the “Firework” singer, “at one point [I] became clinically depressed and, you know, had to figure some things out and go through a journey.”

On top of the lesson of the importance of self care, Katy is also funneling what she learned through her darker times into uplifting new art.

“I think that what’s coming musically for me is songs about that journey and getting to that okay place,” said Perry, which she finds is not only healing for herself, but for her fans as well.

“The world wants some messages, some encouraging messages,” She spoke further. “Maybe they need that optimism on the airwaves. And that’s something I really enjoy doing and we’re just finding balance.

Her latest album will include her new single “Never Worn White,” where she epically confirmed her pregnancy in the music video.  Katy also revealed her previous songs “Never Really Over,” “Small Talk,” and “Harleys in Hawaii” will not be included in the album.

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