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Katy Perry: It was "so intense" returning to work after giving birth

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American Idol judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, ahead of the new season premiere on February 14. And of course, Ryan Seacrest had to get an update from Katy about how she’s balancing her work on the show with being a new mom to daughter Daisy Dove.

Asked if she’s settled into a workable routine with the baby, Katy said, “Of course there’s a routine!  My daughter is a Virgo, and she thrives on routine.”

That said, Katy admitted to being a bit overwhelmed when she returned to filming American Idol just five weeks after giving birth. 

“It was like, Oh. My. God. It was so intense, y’know?” Katy told Ryan and Kelly Ripa. “Giving birth, and then going back to work and then breast-feeding and going, ‘Holy crap! This is what women do?? Oh my God!!”

Kelly, a mother of three, added, “You can’t believe what your body is capable of, right?”

“Absolutely. Women are the most powerful beings on the planet!” Katy declared.

The star also spoke about what it was like to sing “Firework” at the inauguration concert a few weeks ago.

After noting that she’s spent the past four years “agreeing to disagree” with family members who’ve “voted on both sides,” Katy said it was “intense” to be “just standing there and singing for hope, for a little bit of unity, for the next four years, and trying to sing and trying to represent some love and finding love within the differences we all have.”

Kelly noted that it’s nice that Katy and her family can disagree and still be civil to one another, saying it’s a “testament to you all.”

“And alcohol!” Katy quipped.

By Andrea Dresdale
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