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Katy Perry gives herself a pie in the face in new "Smile" video

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Katy Perry’s just released the official video for “Smile,” the title track of her new album, and its a partly animated romp that ends with the singer getting a pie in the face.

In the clip, Katy’s walking around in her house with a pie when she notices there’s a video game called “Smile” starting on her TV screen.  As she chooses her avatar in the game — a “Sad Clown” — she magically acquires a clown costume and makeup, which she wears as she plays through the various levels.

As Katy makes her way through the challenges of the game — including navigating sinister jack-in-the box toys labeled “Shame,” “Numbness” and “Loneliness,” and getting shot out of a cannon — she becomes happier and happier. 

When Katy finally wins the game, a tiny blonde girl in a sparkly dress — possibly representing Katy’s about-to-be-born daughter — descends from the sky and Katy’s avatar hugs her tight. 

Sitting at home in real life at her video screen, Katy looks at the pie she was carrying in the first scene, smashes it into her own face and smiles with contentment.

Smile the album arrives August 28.

By Andrea Dresdale
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