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Katy Perry: Dua Lipa’s new songs will last beyond the quarantine

Hugo Comte/Warner Records

Hugo Comte/Warner RecordsDua Lipa wasn’t sure about releasing her upbeat, banger-filled, ballad-free new album Future Nostalgia amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but it turns out it’s exactly what her fans were craving: a non-stop dance party to help them forget their troubles.  But Katy Perry feels Future Nostalgia isn’t just a coronavirus distraction, it’s here to stay.

“We have kind of an unspoken sisterly bond,” Katy tells The New York Times about Dua, who she predicts will have a long and successful career.  “You have to be able to evolve under the spotlight, not let the pressure get to you, not let the comments get to you. These songs are going to have legs after this quarantine.”

For now, though, Dua is enjoying the quarantine memes her fans are making out of her new songs, such as the “Don’t show up/Don’t come out” chorus from “Don’t Start Now,” and the “I should’ve stayed at home” lyrics from “Break My Heart.”

“I’m so overwhelmed with the response and how lovely everyone’s been,” Dua tells the Times.

For now, she and her boyfriend Anwar HadidGigi‘s brother — are riding out the quarantine in an Airbnb in London, which she had to rent after she returned to the U.K. and found her apartment had flooded.

“I’ve never used my laptop more than I have right now,” she says. “I’ve been downloading multiple apps to do lots of different phone calls and meet-ups.”

As for glam, she says she’s surviving with “one trusty brown lipstick” and “face cream.”

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