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Kanye West Walks On Water Over The Weekend In Atlanta

For those of you who still don’t believe KANYE WEST has a Christ complex, let me take you back to Sunday . . . in Atlanta, Georgia . . during Kanye’s latest Sunday Service . . .

In which Kanye, JOEL OSTEEN, and his choir WALKED ON WATER.

Obviously, they didn’t LITERALLY walk on water.  They must have had some kind of platform just below the surface.  But that’s the look they were going for.

Kim Kardashian was obviously very proud of her husband, because she posted several videos of it.

(Check out her videos, plus some reactions from Twitter, here.)

On a related note, Kanye has reportedly spent almost $6.8 million on his presidential campaign.  To date he’s only made the ballot in 10 states, and it’s mathematically impossible for him to actually win.

I wish he played this song as he walked on water….3 Bad Brothaz Remix!!!!