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Justin Bieber's wife provides photographic evidence of the moment she knew she was in love with him

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Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey has apparently documented every moment of her relatively young life in photos, and she showed off a bunch of them on her Instagram Stories when she hopped on the “Post a picture of” trend.

Hailey asked fans to fill in the blanks of “Post a picture of” and then responded with photos of everything from an outfit she regretted, to the last dish she cooked, to herself as a teenager, to images of herself on specific dates, such as November 22, 2020.  She also shared a few pics of herself and hubby.

In response to one fan’s request to post a picture of “you with your fav person,” Hailey shared a photo of herself and Justin smooching on front of a large Christmas wreath.  When one fan asked to share a pic of the “first time you knew you were in love with jb,” she posted a photo of the two of them dancing together next to what appears to be a pool: He’s shirtless, and she’s wearing pants and a crop top.  It’s not clear when the pic was taken.

Hailey was also asked for “a wedding pic we haven’t seen yet.” She posted a black and white photo of herself in her wedding gown, standing next to Justin, who’s opening a massive bottle of champagne that appears to be spraying everywhere.

Justin and Hailey dated briefly between 2015 and 2016, and then got back together in May of 2018.  They married that September.

By Andrea Dresdale
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