Justin Bieber….this is NOT the correct way to eat a burrito! Or is that how they do it in Canada?

Madonna put an ad on in the paper looking for some help!  Not for a dancer, not for a costume designer.  For a Kosher Cook!

It’ll pay $142,000 annually and you’d travel between her 3 homes in New York, London and Lisbon.

She is seeking someone with “private Household/Superyacht experience” and has experience in cooking “healthy, simple and family style” food instead of “fine-dining.”

“You will be cooking for the Principal, any guests/staff and young children (who all love food and eat the same as the Principal),”


“Forbes” has a list of the ’10 Highest Paid TV Actors,’ and stars of “The Big Bang Theory” and “Modern Family” make up eight of the 10!!

CBS stars making the most loot and are the top 5!

1.  Sheldon – Jim Parsons  is highest paid – $26.5 million

2.  Leonard – Johnny Galecki 

3/4.  Raj & Howard – between the 4 of them make $98.5 million

5.  Mark Harmon  $19 million, “NCIS” 

The guys from “Modern Family” Jay, Cam, Mitchell and Phil make a combined $52.5 million and are 6-9 on the list

Ed O’Neill, making the most at $14 million

10.  Rick Grimes! Andrew Lincoln, $11 million, “The Walking Dead”.  But this is his last season and he’s only doing half!


Have you seen people who eat pizza crust first?  People who eat a sandwich starting with the crust?  How about eating a burrito from the middle?!?!
LOOK at what Justin Beiber has done!!  Could he be he knew the paparazzi was watching?  He is eating a burrito like corn on the cob.


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