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Justin Bieber confronts Charlie Puth about past diss: “It hurt my feelings”

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When Charlie Puth FaceTimed with The Kid LAROI, he probably wasn’t expecting Justin Bieber to take the phone — and confront him about that infamous on-stage diss from over five years ago.

In 2016, Charlie disparaged Justin while performing “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” a song he collaborated on with Justin’s ex Selena Gomez.  Although Charlie later attested he said it in jest, it seems the two never really fully reconciled… until now.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Justin shared video of the awkward FaceTime exchange, where he finally confronts Charlie.

“We never really got to talk about just, like, years ago when you said ‘F*** you, Justin Bieber’ on stage,” the “Peaches” singer began, which caused Charlie to break into a nervous chuckle. “I don’t think it’s very funny, to be honest.”

Justin goes on to say the diss “hurt my feelings” — even though it was a joke that Charlie insisted “was completely blown out of proportion.”  

Bieber adds even more pressure by asking what caused the on-stage outburst and remarked he “doesn’t appreciate” Charlie’s repeated attempts at downplaying the event. But, it appears the confrontation itself was a joke because all three, including LAROI, burst out in hysterics.

“You know you had it coming,” captioned Justin. 

Meanwhile, fans are hoping this is the trio’s way of teasing something on the horizon.  Already, followers are begging in the comment section for the three to collaborate on a new song.

In other Bieber news, Justin just dropped $1.29 million on a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, which is reportedly 300% more than its valued market price. The Bored Ape #3001 digital collectible is a cartoon drawing of a sad-looking monkey with its eyes welling up in tears. Bieber showed off the artwork on Instagram Monday.

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