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Julia Michaels and JP Saxe are "Kissin' in the Cold" this Christmas season

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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello aren’t the only real-life lovebirds releasing a surprise Christmas duet this year. Julia Michaels and JP Saxe have their own new holiday original to share, called “Kissin’ in the Cold.”

The track, out now, follows the couple’s Grammy-nominated hit collab, “If the World Was Ending.”

On “Kissin’ in the Cold,” Julia and JP sing about growing older and the uncertainty it brings, but through it all there are some constants: Christmas and love.

“Time goes by and lovers turn to strangers/People stop believing/But there’s one thing that I know/We’ll still be kissin’ in the cold,” they sing.

Before the song’s release, Julia talked to ABC Audio about whether it’s difficult writing original Christmas songs when there are so many classics out there.

“I think when it comes to just music, really, in general, I just write what I love and I write what I feel and I’m not trying to compete with anybody,” she said. “I just want to write things that make me happy and hopefully it makes other people happy.”

So is this Christmas tune an indicator of a future Christmas album from the two? JP tells ABC Audio, “We didn’t write quite enough to arrive at a 2020 Christmas album but y’know, maybe someday.”

By Andrea Tuccillo
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