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JP Saxe: Recording "If the World Was Ending" with Julia Michaels was "very mystical"

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Canadian singer-songwriter JP Saxe and hit songwriter and artist Julia Michaels have scored a hit with their first collaboration “If the World Was Ending,” which has become popular amid the COVID-19 quarantine.  The two wrote and recorded the song on the day they met — as Julia explains, they didn’t waste a lot of time before getting down to business.

“I think it felt pretty natural,” Julia said of immediately clicking with JP, who’s now her boyfriend. “You know, we [as songwriters] spend a lot of our time in the studio with other people, so we learned to sort of adapt to other people’s personalities and other people’s writing processes.”

As Julia recalled, JP was the one who had the idea of “If the world was ending, you come over, right?” so she just took that and ran with it.

I think we wrote the song in, like, two hours…It happened pretty quick once we got into it,” she told ABC Audio.

JP, meanwhile, was impressed that Julia recorded the whole thing in “two takes.”

It was very mystical, like, just she goes into the booth, she sings it twice. She leaves. Rock star over here!” JP laughed.

“Even the post chorus of the song, the ‘You’d come over right, you’d come over, right?’…you just did it as, like, a throwaway ad lib,” he said, addressing Julia. “So, [it was] just gold everywhere with this one. [it] just spills out of her!”

What’s next for the cute couple? Both have new music in the works.

Oof so many love songs coming your way,” Julia tweeted last month.

Meanwhile, JP is prepping an album; he tweeted last week that he’s “90%” sure of the final track list.

By Andrea Dresdale
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