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John Mayer to perform an actual live concert with Dave Chappelle on Saturday

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for MGM

These days, very few artists can tour or even play live due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unless it’s some kind of drive-in show.  But John Mayer will take the stage on Saturday with his close pal Dave Chappelle — by special dispensation of the governor of Ohio.

In the pre-pandemic times, John and Dave would often get together for a special musical/comedy hybrid of a show called Controlled Danger.  That’s what this Saturday’s performance is going to be, and it’s taking place in Chappelle’s home town of Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

According to, the comedian’s been holding a series of pop-up shows in the city’s Wirrig Pavilion, and Governor Mike DeWine has allowed them to go forward because strict safety protocols are being observed.

The tickets for the shows started out as $100 each, and then got up to $150.  But tickets to Saturday’s show with John cost $250 — and they sold out immediately.

The most recent Controlled Danger shows, which took place in 2018, featured a brief musical set by John, stand-up by Chappelle, and then a surreal, free-wheeling performance featuring both of them, riffing on various topics with musical accompaniment by John.

The local Board of Zoning has cleared Chappelle to continue to do shows through October 4 if you feel like taking a road trip. reports that the city’s Zoning Inspector received 2,000 emails and 400 letters in support of the shows, from both locals and fans who drove across the country to attend.

By Andrea Dresdale
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