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Jessica Simpson recalls dodging calls from an *NSYNC member and a Backstreet Boy

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Jessica Simpson is dishing all about the time a member of the Backstreet Boys and a member of *NSYNC were pursuing her.

In a new excerpt from her short story, Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single, Jessica, 42, remembers a moment from the 2001 MTV VMAs after party, when she was avoiding calls from both of the men. 

“Earlier, at the hotel, I had separate calls going with them at the same time… I kept switching between the calls, putting each on hold when talk became too serious about when we were actually going to meet up,” she wrote, according to Bustle. “I was good on the phone and could talk the talk, but in person, I knew my shyness meant I wouldn’t even be able to look them in the eye.”

Simpson didn’t reveal the names of the boy-banders, but she did leave some hints. Of the Backstreet Boy, she reminisced about standing in the front row at one of his concerts. 

“During a song, he poured a bottle of water all over himself, gyrating his body as he looked at me the whole time,” she said. 

As for the *NSYNC member, the pop star said he told her “he was living in his car by choice.”

“I knew enough about the industry to know that money in those boybands was always … iffy, but he seemed to double down on this conviction. ‘I’d be fine doing it the rest of my life,’ he said. ‘Just keep a few belongings. He used that word — ‘belongings,'” she said. “I pictured myself trying to cram all the stuff my Cancer heart wouldn’t let go of into his car. That was not going work.”

Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single is out as an ebook and audiobook on February 1. 

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