With St. Paddy’s Day coming up I know a lot of you are gonna be getting your buzz on! If you find yourself hungover, here are some great food choices. They will make you feel better Good Looking!!!


5. Cheeseburger

The good old fashioned cheeseburger is always a great way to absorb some of that alcohol. I recommend something with all the fixings. I’m talking bacon, extra cheese the whole nine yards Dollface! We want this burger sloppy…sloppy…sloppy! Get them burger nutrients in ya…if you wanna start feeling better! Burger Fi, Habit Burger, Duffy’s and Colver’s are just a few places to get this burger party started!


4. Chicken Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Wings

Again, we aren’t reinventing the wheel here. Chicken fingers, chicken nuggets or chicken wings all kind of get the job done. However, I personally would go with chicken fingers. The key to beating the hangover is all in the sauces! The sauce shall give you salvation! When you’re hungover you want instant relief. I find that chicken fingers coupled with the right sauce gives you just that! We all need some “Sauce Salvation” when hungover! Next time you’re feeling sick from too much drinking..think chicken! My favorite chicken place is obviously Bud’s Chicken and Seafood. For me, it’s the best chicken around.


3. Donuts and Soda

I love a donut when I’m hungover. In fact, I love multiple donuts when I’m hungover. Donuts are filing which is what you are looking for. Pair that with your favorite soda of choice and you’re living the perfect donut dream! You want something to knock that alcohol down a peg! I find that donuts and soda not only makes me feel better physically during a hangover, they make me more clear headed. My Mother raised me on Donuts. The one I like the most is the one the that looks like a butthole. It’s called the Cruller Donut. Damn that thing is amazing! I once ate 13 of them in one day. Sorry, if that sounded braggy. I’m just proud of what I accomplished. As you all know, I JBird, run on Dunkin! I truly love their donuts and so did my Mom.


2. Grilled Cheese

I love grilled cheese. It makes me so happy! I love dipping it in soup while singing “Soup There It Is”. A grilled cheese sandwich isn’t just a meal in my home…it’s an event! When I’m depressed, I throw myself a G.C.P. or better known as a “Grilled Cheese Party”! It helps balance out my emotions. Some people pray, other’s meditate to keep balance and peace in their life. I eat grilled cheese to achieve my serenity. It has been a favorite of mine since I was 4 years old. It is a savior for when you are hungover! It’s greasy and that’s what you need in times of hangover desperation. Here are some places you can get a great grilled cheese here locally.

Grilled Cheese Gallery

Habit Burger


5 Guys Burgers

I Heart Mac and Cheese


With all that said, Virginia the Witch Sinicki from the KVJ Show seriously has made me the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever had. Time and time again the Witch knocks it out of the ballpark!


1. Pizza

Surprise…Surprise…I’m talking pizza pies! This is my ride or die. When I’m sober. When I’d drunk. When I’m hungover. When I’m happy.When I’m sad! It’s doesn’t matter!!! Pizza is how you will achieve peace and balance in your life! Some foods know how to align your soul and spirit with positivity. Pizza is that kind of food for me personally. How can one be lonely in a world where there is pizza? It helps you out so much when your hungover. The combination of the dough and cheese helps with stomach aches and nausea. I highly recommended ordering a large or even an extra large if they offer it. You want this pizza to last all through the morning and afternoon. Look at pizza as your medication when hungover. It’s a quick way to feel better and get your morning started on the right path instead of a hazy one! Here our some of my favorite pizza places locally.

Camilli’s Pizza (My personal favorite)

Costello’s Pizza

Gino’s Pizza

Lutina’s Pizza

Leo’s Pizza


IMG_4533I know I forgot a lot of pizza places. Please let me know where I should try.


Thank you for spending time with me! I love talking food with y’all. Have a safe St. Paddy’s Day. Here’s a Snack  Pack video from the past about being hungover. Enjoy!




Jason “Pizza” Pennington