JBird’s Top 5 “The Office” Episodes

I love the show “The Office”. I know it’s older now but I feel like people still love this franchise. I STILL watch it every night before I go to bed. If you are a lover of The Office, I’d love to hear what your favorite episodes are too.


5. Goodbye Toby (Michael Scott meets his true love Holly for the first time)

4. Stress Relief (They said this is one of the largest rated episodes in franchise history. Aired immediately after the Superbowl)

3. Michael Scott Paper Company (This entire storyline is one I love very much which is about 4 episodes)

2. Casino Night (The season 2 finale where Jim and Pam kiss for the first time. This episode is so funny for so many reasons)

1. Dinner Party (My all time favorite episode of any show from any franchise. I’ve seen it over 100 times)


Like I said before, I’d love to hear what episodes you guys love. There were so many episodes to choose from so it was hard to get it down to only 5. I mean, so hard!!! That’s what she said!




Jason “Pizza” Pennington