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Jason Derulo talks viral hit "Savage Love" and the key to TikTok success

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Jason Derulo is living proof that music and TikTok are a match made in heaven.

Not only has he found massive success on the app with 30 million followers, but he’s also using it to lift up new talent. While he initially came under fire for sampling TikTok artist Jawsh 685’s viral beat without official permission, the two eventually settled things and teamed up for the hit remix “Savage Love.”

“Josh had this sound that was going crazy,” Derulo tells ABC News about Jawsh 685, born Joshua Stylah. “It was on TikTok, right? But how do we take him and formulate him into like a lasting producer, a lasting DJ even? And that’s just, with an opportunity to write songs. And I think ‘Savage Love’ is that song for him.”

As for what it takes to become a TikTok success story, Jason says it requires a few components, including “a balance of extending yourself further than you would normally go.”

“I think it’s a perfect balance between trying to follow trends and putting yourself into your TikToks, you know, the things that you love doing,” he shared.

Derulo released a TikTok dance video for his new song “Take You Dancing” last week, but he’s not stressed about going viral. Mostly he just hopes his fans “have fun with it.”

“I think the song itself is just a great song, so if it happens to go viral on TikTok, I think that would be an amazing bonus,” he said.

By Andrea Tuccillo and Hayley FitzPatrick
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