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Jason Derulo releases special effects-heavy official video for "Take You Dancing"

Atlantic Records

Jason Derulo has released the official music video for the Latin-inspired innuendo-filled track, “Take You Dancing.”

He spends the whimsical visual flirting and canoodling with a gorgeous woman, from the couch to the ocean to the bedroom — as well as more unusual locations like the top of a three-tiered wedding cake. And, of course, there’s plenty of dancing in between.

Right before releasing the video, Jason went live on YouTube for a Q&A with fans. He explained why he released a more bare-bones dance video for the song last month before releasing the official video.

“Performances are just lost in general right now obviously so I wanted to have no glitz and glam and just a flat stage and bring my dancers out and just dance and sing,” he says.

“But the video has all the glitz and glam and everything you can possibly imagine in there and what I’ve been doing on TikTok with the special effects and everything,” Jason adds.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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