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Jason Derulo on his big 2020 return to number one: "It felt really good"

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Jason Derulo was a big winner in 2020: Not only did he become the most-followed celebrity on TikTok, but he also scored his first Billboard Hot 100 number-one hit in 11 years, with “Savage Love.” Looking back on that moment , Jason told reporters that while the success “felt good,” it doesn’t lessen the success of his other hits that maybe didn’t do as well on the chart.

“It is a difficult chart to get #1 on, because so many variables have to happen at the same time,” Jason noted. “So I mean, it did feel really good. But with that being said, I don’t want to say that it doesn’t feel good to have a successful song in general.”

As an example, he points to his 2017 single “Swalla,” which peaked at #29.

“A song like ‘Swalla’ was not number one on the Billboard chart or even top 10, but it feels like that, right?” Jason said. “Like, when people hear ‘Swalla,’ I mean, it’s, like, a massive tune. So I wouldn’t, like, discount songs like that because of ‘Savage Love’ going number one.”

He then laughed, “But…it felt really good, though!”

Jason also addressed his celebration for the achievement: In October, he went out with friends to the trendy L.A. restaurant Catch and bought drinks for every single person there.

“We were making noise, we were having a great time and I felt like I wanted to include the entire restaurant, so I foot[ed] the bill for for everyone and started to give out shots,” recalled Jason.

He added, “If I was able to help ease a couple of people’s minds that evening [by paying the bill], I thought it was a beautiful thing.”

That bill, by the way, came out to $112,742.30.

By Andrea Dresdale
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