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Jameela Jamil calls out fans putting her on blast for interviewing Demi Lovato

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Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDbJameela Jamil is reminding disgruntled fans that the world isn’t black and white.  For example, The Good Place star recently interviewed Demi Lovato for her I Weigh podcast and received ardent criticism from fans of Taylor Swift.

Lovato is managed by Scooter Braun who is in a public feud with Swift over her music catalog.

On Thursday, Jamil publicly declared that she isn’t interested in being another pawn in the ongoing drama. 

“I’m not being dragged into celebrity feuds. I’m 34. I’m not involved in any of these dynamics,” she declared in a tweet. “I don’t care which of them dislike each other. I’m interviewing interesting humans sharing their unique mental health journeys that may help others to learn about.”

When a fan brought up Swift in a reply, Jameela doubled down on her choice to remain neutral by responding, “I know and like all of these women separately. Their inter personal histories and relationships are not my fight/business.”


Adding that “Not all humans have to get along. Not all women have to get along,” she finished with a definitive “Humans are very complicated.” 

Jameela had a vested interest in speaking with Lovato for her podcast, which tackles a variety of heavy topics ranging from mental health to racial and gender discrimination.  Most recently, the 34-year-old actress interviewed Reese Witherspoon, where the Legally Blonde actress candidly detailed her past battles with postpartum depression.

As for Lovato, whose episode drops Friday, recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.  She also has been incredibly open and honest about her past eating disorders and substance addictions. 

In a podcast preview, Jameela confirmed that the two thoroughly covered Demi’s past struggles in the emotionally raw interview, but also touched upon “cancel culture, Harry Potter and much more!”

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