J Lo, Freddie Prinze Jr & The Ghost Of Hugh Hefner! We Covered It All This Morning On Trending With Tracy On CBS12!

J Lo & A Rod…..just got MORE AWESOME!!

There was a teacher in Tennessee who posted on FB about helping some kids at her school with lunches. The teacher – Ms Goins – even started a food pantry to help the kids.
J Lo got wind of this and decided to help! She and A Rod are investors in a company called Tiller & Hatch that makes healthy, pre-packaged meals and have pledged a years worth of food to the schools food pantry!
Jennifer said – “This is why being a business owner, and having actual ownership in companies is so important to me and Alex”
Freddie Prinze Jr has joined the reboot of Punky Brewster! Just another reason to watch!  Will he be a neighbor, and old classmate?  Nope, her ex-husband!
If Punky Brewster and her unmatched socks can’t find love, I never will!  Literally dying to know what her wardrobe will be now!
Freddie plays Dad to her kids and a musician but from what I’m reading, there will be some love interest still between the two!
I’m loving all the teen heart throbs coming back to TV!  The fab late Luke Perry and Skeet Ulrich on RiverdaleScott Wolf of Party of 5 fame plays Nancy Drew’s dad on Nancy Drew.  Bring ’em all back!
Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt are getting together with HUGH HEFNER!!!  How is that happening?  Well, it’s Halloween, so why not a seance and bring back Hef!
Holly thinks her home is haunted, so she’s bringing in a medium to check and Bridget said she’d like to see if they can talk to Hef as long as the door to the other side is open!
These girls love their ghosts…Bridget hosts her own podcast called “GHOST MAGNET With Bridget Marquardt” on Apple Podcasts and Holly dates Zac from Ghost Adventures on The Travel Channel.