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"It's Time": Mariah Carey's given us permission to start celebrating Christmas 2020

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As the unofficial Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey has made a long-running joke out of the concept that it’s up to her when we can all start celebrating Christmas…and, of course, listening to her number-one hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Well…Mimi has now given all of us permission to start decking the halls with music.

On Instagram, she posted a video of a scary, black-clad character in a terrifying monster mask walking down a hallway and opening a cobweb-shrouded door that has the words “Not Yet” scrawled on it — “Not yet” being Mariah’s trademark warning to for anyone who wants to rush the arrival of the holidays.

As the monster opens up the door, we see Mariah, wearing festive pajamas, kneeling in front of a Christmas tree in a blanket of fake snow, flanked by two of her dogs wearing red sweaters. 

She consults her watch, smiles and announces, “It’s tiiiime!”  She then throws her hands in the air, screams with delight and runs off stage, as the opening bars of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” start up.

We then see the words “It’s Time!” — followed by “(But let’s get through Thanksgiving first).”

Mariah has several things to put on your Christmas list this year — her memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey and her new album Rarities — plus, she’s starring in Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special for AppleTV. 

Fans have already predicted that the special will feature Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson, based on a photo Mariah posted of two directors’ chairs on some kind of set with the initials “AG” and “JH” on them.

By Andrea Dresdale
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