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It's a nice day for a weird collaboration: Miley Cyrus confirms new album will feature Dua Lipa and Billy Idol

Courtesy Miley Cyrus

Remember that photo of Miley Cyrus in the studio with Dua Lipa?  Well, Miley’s now confirmed that not only does Dua appear on her new album, but so does someone completely unexpected: British 1980s MTV video icon Billy Idol.

Miley announced the odd pairing while speaking with New Zealand’s The Edge Radio, and shared she’s been really leaning into her musical influences.

“It’s kinda like when you go to the highest end restaurant how they’ll put two flavors together that you’d never expect, and that’s what makes it the best?” she asked. “From Dua Lipa to Billy Idol, I mean, you guys think I’m joking but I’m not. I’ve got Dua and Billy Idol on the same record.”

“And that is meant to be played at a festival, people coming together,” she added. “I just want [the song] to get to live its fullest potential.”

Asked if she means that she won’t be releasing her album until she’s able to play live, Miley wouldn’t say one way or another. But speaking on Australia’s Fitzy & Wippa podcast, she lamented the fact that most artists have been performing without a live audience for the past six months.

“I’ve realized that touring and doing shows actually has nothing to do with the artist, it has to do with the audience,” she explained. “The magic is gone. Without the audience, there’s really nothing. It just puts it into perspective…It’s about the crowd and I definitely miss them.”

When asked if she’d consider one of the new models of playing live — like when fans in the U.K. were confined to small cage-like spaces — Miley laughed.

“My fans come and get messed up and wear nipple pasties!” she said. “They are not gonna sit in a cage and behave!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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