It Wasn’t Always “Party Time! Excellent!” With Wayne & Garth! Find Out What Happened!

Things were not always PARTY TIME, EXCELLENT! Who know Wayne and Garth had a falling out!  DANA CARVEY had to go to therapy for a beef he had with MIKE MYERS years ago!! 

Dana is saying Mike stole the Dr. Evil character (from Austin Powers) from an impression HE used to do of Lorne Michaels.  And there was animosity for a while, but Dana says, quote, “I’ve basically let it go.”
She might not have made student loans go away, but Jennifer Garner gave some amazing Life Tips to graduates at her alma mater – Denison University in Ohio. 
Some of her gems – Go fun over sexy for Halloween. Why be a flirty nurse when you can be a mailbox!
Nothing looks better in your 50’s, than sunscreen in your 20’s.
Good news and Bad news from the world of Real Housewives!  
Good news – Joe Guidice, wife of Teresa from Real Housewives of New Jersey has won a deprive on his deportation!  He and the Mrs. plead guilty to financial fraud back in 2014, she spent time in jail, he spent time in jail – he’s not a US citizen so they were going to deport him, he’s been in an ICE detention center since he got out of prison, but looks like he’ll be going home for now, until his next court date.
Bad news – Luanne from Real Housewives of NYC has been ordered back to jail! According to a WPB judge, the cabaret star has failed and alcohol test, hasn’t been taking probation seriously and has missed meetings.  Come on Countess!  Get it together!
What got her in trouble in the first place? Threatening to kill a Palm Beach police officer on Christmas Eve 2017.