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In new fragrance ad, it's an animated Ariana Grande and Piggy Smallz to the rescue

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Ariana Grande‘s new fragrance, R.E.M., arrived in stores today, and with it came an animated ad starring Ari and a few of her pets: her dog Toulouse and her pig, Piggy Smallz.

The clip is set in outer space, where Ariana and Piggy are taking an intergalactic snooze.  When they get word that Toulouse is missing, they go in search of him.  A trail of pink crystals lead them to a planet where they find a golden Mayan temple, with Toulouse being held captive at the top.  He barks, “It’s a trap,” but it’s too late: A huge evil robot swoops down and attacks.

Ari and Piggy fight the robot, and then all the crystals coalesce into a giant bottle of R.E.M. perfume, which sends out a laser beam blast, allowing them to triumph over the robot.  Ari and her pets leave in a ship, while the robot stays behind to “honor and cherish the fragrance.”

At the end, Ari sings a snippet of her song “R.E.M.” to Toulouse: “Boy, you’re such a dream to me.”

R.E.M. is now available at Ulta Beauty stores in the U.S and Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada.

By Andrea Dresdale
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