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Imagine Dragons reflects on “incredible” success of “Enemy”: “We’re excited”


Imagine Dragons‘ “Enemy,” a collaboration with hip-hop artist JID, was one of the biggest songs of 2022, landing on YouTube’s Top U.S. Songs year-end charts. Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Dan Reynolds calls the success of the single “incredible.”

“Especially after 10 years as a band,” Reynolds says. “We have the best fans in the world, I’ve felt that from the very beginning, I still feel it now.”

Reynolds feels “Enemy” points to the longevity of a group that just celebrated a decade since releasing their debut album.

“I mean, we’re still here after 10 years,” Reynolds says. “That’s rare for a band. So, we’re excited.”

As for how the song came together, Reynolds calls “Enemy” “one of those easy collaborations.”

“We love JID, we were very familiar with his work before, reached out to him, just cold reach-out,” Reynolds recalls. “We knew that we wanted someone on ‘Enemy’ with us, and he just sounded like he would fit the bill perfectly, and he did. He did one take, and it was perfect.”

“Enemy” is included on Imagine Dragons’ new double album Mercury — Acts 1 & 2, out now.

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