I’m mad and I’m speaking out

This is an incredibly personal blog.  Let me give you some context.  I have many family members and many friends in law enforcement.  My family members and friends have seen things that I cannot even imagine how they are not haunted by the accidents they have covered, the danger they put themselves in everyday and the list goes on.  Everyone is talking about all the passengers on planes lately and their behavior.  But I have seen firsthand the same behavior on the freeways.  This morning while coming to work I was nearly killed by a person in a white charger that was easily going 100 mph on i95.  Let me be clear.  I was going at least 65 mph…probably closer to 70 and had I not looked up to see what was coming up behind me and got over in the other lane( thank god there way no car next to me) I KNOW without a doubt that this car would have slammed into me.  She, yes it was a female driver flew past me like I was standing still.  As I looked at the other traffic it looked to me to be another car a Mercedes also driving incredibly fast.  Were they racing?  Was it a road rage thing?  Who knows.  But in drive time traffic at 8am there is no excuse for this kind of behavior on the road.  I know many Palm Beach County Sheriffs and FHP listen to our station and I have seen them running radar frequently on 95 and realize they cannot be everywhere all the time.  This is just one example.  I can name so many others I witness daily and I just can’t seem to wrap my brain around it.  Why would someone feel it necessary to risk the lives of others and drive in this manner?  Thousands of families every year are devastated by traffic accidents and I’ll assume most are somewhat avoidable.  What happened to me today was TOTALLY avoidable but thankfully I had the reflexes to react and I was not hit because of someone else’s negligence.  Please, I beg of you if you are reading this.  It’s not worth it to risk another persons life or even drive like this to begin with.  Can’t we all just realize that after all we’ve been thru in the last year that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.  Thank you for reading and remembering this when you are on the roads.  -Randi