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If Your City Was A Person At A Party, What Would It Be Doing?

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Miami’s stuck in traffic so it’s gonna there by midnight. When they
arrive, they keep turning up the music, while Naples keeps turning it

Fort Lauderdale is arranging a Feng Shui beer pong table.

West Palm Beach is wondering when the after party on the yacht

Boca Raton arrived in a white Mercedes, is drinking white zinfandel
and getting angry because people aren’t complementing her Hermes

Delray Beach skipped the party, because the cool people go to the

Wellington just showed up on her horse and is doing designer
drugs with some wannabe island boy.

Lake Worth Beach just showed up in tie-dye with a bag of magic

Boynton Beach is smoking crack in the bathroom.

Jupiter shows up in board shorts and flip flops with a brick of
cocaine they found on shore while surfing.

Stuart showed up wearing camo from Walmart & won't stop talking
about election integrity

Port St Lucie is trying to get some sleep in the bedroom upstairs.

Hialeah is in the backyard roasting a whole ass pig

Lauderhill shows up wearing a fruit of loom wife beater & Gucci
slides, accompanied by 2 strippers (who have an odor).

Key West is sitting out front in a lawn chair, drinking beer, naked.

Fort Pierce is in the corner eating fish dip, but carrying just in case.

Tampa thought it was a costume party and dressed like a pirate, but
brought cigars for everyone.

St. Pete brought a 6 pack of hand selected craft bottles. They are
doing a little tasting in the kitchen with some crypto Bros and
wannabe urban farmers.

Jacksonville was invited, but decided getting drunk at home was a
better option.

Orlando is dancing terribly in the living room.

Daytona Beach shows up in a Def Leppard denim with beer for the
under aged kids and winds up fighting a homeless guy out front who
calls him poor.

Polk County is outside shooting bullets straight up in the air.

Gainesville and Tallahassee are drunkenly fist fighting, shirtless to
show off their orange and blue/gold and garnet body paint. Everyone
in the room has either taken a side or rolled their eyes and kept

Palm Bay is drinking four Loko and doing donuts on their ATVs in
the neighbors yard

Sanford is asking everybody what the helicopter overhead is doing.

The Villages just arrived in their blinged out golf carts with
margaritas and little blue pills.