If FOOD Is Your Favorite Part Of Vacation, Then Beaches Negril in Jamaica Is A MUST!

THIS was my view every morning for breakfast at “Stew Fish”!  And the best part is – shoe are optional!  I had Crunchy French Toast everyday with my toes in the sand!
With nine 5-Star Gourmet Restaurants, I promise you’ll never be hungry! Even if you’re a vegetarian!  My cousin Jenni, who enjoyed Beaches Negril with me, is a vegetarian and every restaurant had plenty of things for her on their menus.
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This drink is the Bob Marley.  We had a few of them over the course of our vacation!  They also have a fun swim up bar for drinks, too!

Dinner at Stew Fish!

A grilled lobster and steak that melted in my mouth!  And since luxury is included….I asked for another grilled lobster!  
Their signature cocktail that night was a Peppered Watermelon Margarita!  Man was that thirst quenching!

One afternoon we went to Island Lux Beach Park for lunch.  We had jerk chicken, jerk pork, jerk fish!  Chef Marc Max Miller really out did himself that day!  My friend Johnny made quite the eye pleasing platter!

It wouldn’t have been complete without a Red Stripe – which I discovered I love – and a Jamaican Rum Fruit Punch!

Succulent Crab Cake and a Callaloo Tart! Callaloo is a popular Caribbean dish originating in West Africa served in different variants across the Caribbean. The main ingredient is a leaf vegetable similar to spinach.

Another one of Beaches Negril’s fantastic restaurants is Kimonos! Their Jamaican twist on the traditional Ginger Salad was fantastic!

Party of 7! Jenni, me, Johnny, Moshay from X1023, Janine, Elise and Kue!

HA!  That is the sushi roll I made!  We had a fun competition with some other DJ’s from around the country.  My partner Joanna – from Nevada – and I didn’t win.  I think we used a little too much rice!  And no, we didn’t eat it.

One night when we came back to our room, we had this little treat!  It’s a delicious little cake in there!  How clever!

I think I’ve made you hungry!  Win your trip now!