I Understand He Needs The Break, But I Don't Have To Like It! Evan Peters Out Of New AHS.

Evans Peters had decided to take some time off and won’t be returning for the ninth season of  “American Horror Story.”
Peters has been in every season of the show and told WonderCon in an interview that he would, “sit a season out.”
Even though you won’t be seeing Peters on the small screen, he will be back as Quicksilver in the next X-Men movie “Dark Phoenix.”
Are you sad to find out that Peters won’t be returning to “American Horror Story?” Which season of “American Horror Story” has been your favorite?
The first season I watched was “Freak Show”.  What a season to get introduced to the series!  I LOVED it!  But which was my favorite?  I don’t even think I could pick one….but if I HAD to…I guess I’d say:
1 – Coven
2 – Murder House
3 – Hotel
4 – Asylum
5 – Freak Show
6 – Apocalypse & Cult are a tie
8 – Roanoke – this was the DUMBEST season EVER.