I Guarantee You I Will NEVER Have Orthorexia. Do You Have It?!

You may have heard of having a fear of eating too much or gaining weight but what about a fear of clean eating called Orthorexia?

It’s a real thing according to Dr. Steven Bratman who coined the phrase after he noticed his patients were too hard on themselves.

Orthorexia centers around eating ‘cleanly’ and purely and can cause people to avoid social interaction due to the fear of not being able to eat the “right” foods.

I eat M&M’s and Dorito’s like it’s my job……nothing clean about my diet!

Psychiatrist and nutrition scientist Dr. S.E. Spector isn’t a believer in Orthorexia saying that there aren’t enough scientific articles on orthorexia and that the disorder is “hard to pin down” and is only a part of other disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

Has clean eating taken over your life? Tell your story.

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