I got a doormat from a stranger

door mat

I am very big on acts of  kindness and I have to tell you the story of this doormat.  I got to my place last night and my neighbor across the hall was coming out of his place.  As I walked up the steps and I was talking on my cell phone I said “that’s odd I have a doormat now” My neighbor coming out of his place hears me say this and says ” I put that there… I hope it’s ok” He went to tell me he had an extra one and noticed I was the only door that didn’t have a mat.  I know this story may seem small, but I have to tell you that it really struck me.  This stranger who really doesn’t know me took the time to see that I didn’t have one and knowing this one was extra took the time to do something nice for somebody else.  I didn’t have one simply because I haven’t had the time to find one I like and I actually have been looking for one and had been waiting to find just the one I liked.  Truth be told I LOVE MY used doormat now and wouldn’t change it for the world because of the thought that went behind it.  Thinking of others is not as frequent as it should be in my opinion and hiss random act of kindness really struck me.  It’s not to say people don’t do nice things for their neighbors (I’m sure I can get many examples)  it’s just life’s little surprises that make me smile.  Kindness goes a long way.  THANK YOU to my very kind neighbor and take this story and be kind today.  We can all use more of it.