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I Did NOT See This Coming – Jessica Simpson Was Addicted To Booze & Pills!

Was it because of the teasing about Chicken of The Sea?

Was it because she thought Buffalo Wings were actually buffalo?

No, it was more than that and actually serious.  With the upcoming publication of her powerful memoir, Open Book, excerpted in this week’s PEOPLE, Simpson reveals for the first time that she was sexually abused as a young girl.

In the book Simpson details why she and Nick Lachey got a divorce, saying it was their “anxieties” over their high-profile careers which drove them to divorce because they were “feeding off each other,” claimed Jessica.

She denies that Nick Lachey could’ve been blindsided by her request for divorce since they weren’t talking at the time. Simpson also talked about her relationship with John Mayer.

Jessica called Mayer, “sex-obsessed” and in a Playboy interview he called Jessica “sexual napalm,” the comment made it easy for Jessica to walk away. She says John later apologized to her for making the comment.

What do you think of Jessica Simpson’s claims? Will you read her new book?

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