I Can’t Wait To Book My Room At The Taco Bell Hotel!!!!

Taco Bell fans were so excited to hear about the fast-food giant’s new pop-up hotel, The Bell, they reserved all of the 70 rooms in just two minutes.

To whet guests’ appetites, the chain has pulled the curtain back on the exclusive menu to be served this August.

Of course, the familiar favorites will be there, along with new items like a Toasted Cheddar Club that comes with a side of Nacho Fries. For breakfast, there’s a twist on Chilaquiles, which uses fire tortilla chips, plus Avocado Toast-adas.

Inside the resort’s “Freeze Lounge,” guests can wash it all down with a Baja Blast Birthday Freeze. Delish speculates that this will be an adult beverage.

How would you turn your Taco Bell favorites into something that looks like it came from an upscale restaurant?