I Am So Mad At Myself…..I Have No Self Control!

I admit it, I love to binge and sometimes/most of the time I can’t help myself.  A new season of a favorite show comes on and I just can’t watching one.  I HAVE TO WATCH THEM ALL.  And yes, I realize that’s what you’re supposed to do, but I don’t want to!  I want to make my shows laaaaaaaaaaaast!

I was no match for “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2”.  It got me hooked and I watched the whole thing in like 2 days.  Now I have to wait for who knows how long I have to until who knows when for Part 3!!

And let me tell you, the last sentence of Part 2 makes me want Part 3 to come out NOW!!

What shows are you watching right now?