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How Would You Like To Host A Green Day Show?! One Catch…..

….you have to live in California.  But you must know someone who lives there that you can offer up their house!!

 GREEN DAYis looking for a backyard party to jam at to celebrate the release of their new album, “Father of All Mother[Effers]”.

In a video posted on Instagram, BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG says, quote, “Does anybody have a relatively big backyard that we could do like a backyard party somewhere?

“We could come and play at your house or your garage or your backyard.  Or if you have like a barn.  Or is there a church or a church parking lot?  You know I was conceived in a church parking lot?

“Anyway, just hijinks, fun, mischief.  A backyard party with your favorite band, Green Day!”

Unfortunately for most of you, they’re looking at California ONLY.

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