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How The Kid Laroi knew "Without You" would be a big hit

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Daniel Prakopcyk

The Kid Laroi had some success in the U.S. with “Reminds Me of You,” his collaboration with his late mentor Juice WRLD, and his own track “So Done,” but his latest single “Without You” is his breakthrough hit.  Laroi says he “100 percent” knew the song was special when he wrote it.

“Me and Omer, we looked at each other and like, ‘Oh, wow, this is sick, we really like this one,'” Laroi tells ABC Audio about himself and his collaborator on the song, Omer Fedi.  

“And then even when we finished the song and we put the project together, that was the one, like, everybody on my team and everybody I played stuff for, we were all like, ‘Damn, this is really the best song on the project,” he adds.

But there’s another reason why Laroi knew “Without You” would take off.

“I believe that, like, good songs always win…and so I knew that eventually that song was going to do something…I knew it was gonna live somewhere, because it’s just a really good song,” Laroi tells ABC Audio.

“I really liked that song — and I don’t really like saying that about my own music — but that’s like a song that I always listen to by myself that I never get tired of,” he laughs. “So that’s how I knew…I really liked it!” 

Laroi’s talent for writing successful songs has led to him signing a deal with Sony Music Publishing. In a statement, he says of the deal, “I feel blessed. If just one person out there connects with my journey and life experiences through my music, then I have achieved what I set out to do, and it is a privilege to have the fans that I have to share the journey ahead with me.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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