How Miley Cyrus felt about those leaked secret wedding photos 📷

When Miley Cyrus got married to Liam Hemsworth over the holidays, it was supposed to be just the family and a few close friends and most of all, no pictures!

However, Cyrus’ friend, Conrad Jack Carr didn’t get the ‘no pictures’ memo and posted a photo to his Instagram story where it was picked up by media everywhere.

How did Miley feel about the honest mistake? She “doesn’t really care that word got out,” said Miley’s sister Brandi Cyrus, but Carr was pretty bummed about it, “He feels really bad,” Brandi said.

Miley posted a photo of her and Hemsworth on December 26th confirming the union.

Did someone spread some news before you got a chance to make the announcement?

What was the secret and how did you react?



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