How Did Adam Sandler End Up With A Black Eye?

Actor Adam Sandler showed up for a live appearance on Good Morning AmericaMonday sporting a black eye.

While promoting his new Netflix basketball drama Hustle, the 55-year-old actor explained why his face was messed up. “I was in bed, in the middle of the night and, you know how they tuck in your sheets at the bottom, some people? Somebody tucked in the sheets too much and I had my phone in the middle of the bed. I kicked my feet up to untuck it, the phone went flying, hit me in the head.”

GMA Co-host George Stephanopoulos joked, “That is the most elaborate black-eye story I’ve ever heard.” Sandler replied with a laugh, “There is nothing cool about this thing.”

Do you have a random/crazy/embarrassing story of getting an injury?