Hottest Toys For Christmas 2020

Walmart has put out this official list of top 2020 Xmas toys. From tech to things that will burn energy so you child finally takes a nap!

From the TV to the Toy Room

Kids are spending more time than ever streaming their favorite shows, and these toys bring popular characters to life.

High-Tech Gadgets

These toys – both digital and role play – encourage creativity and content creation for young minds.

Interactive Play

More time at home means more time with interactive toys that inspire imagination for hours of fun, learning-based play.

Surprise Toys

An element of surprise in each of these toys bring kids excitement from the moment they unbox.

nergy-Burning Outdoor Toys

These days, getting outside and being active is important, and these highly engaging toys provide limitless outdoor play.

Screen-Free Indoor Entertainment

Keep kids busy and engaged for hours without a screen with these interactive toys.

For more information on the products you see above, you can either click the link on the product or visit Walmart’s website here.