Homemade Vodka Pops

Vodka pops

Cheers to the weekend! Sometimes a girl needs a good vodka cleansing. When it’s 90 in Florida we go frozen drinks! Let’s take it one step further and make homemade vodka popsicles with this super easy recipe.

You can do this 2 different ways. Either with plastic popsicle makers or an ice tray with toothpicks or popsicle sticks. Popsicle makers are like having a drink. Ice tray is like having a shot.

Flavored vodka. I prefer Peach Ciroc because it’s so smoooooth. I actually call mine Peach Ciroc Pops.

Juice or frozen fruit, ice, blender, BOOM! If you’re doing the ice tray, not so much juice or frozen fruit.
Notice I didn’t put amounts of ingredients. Make it to your liking and enjoy. Now that was way more simple than you thought it was going to be, wasn’t it.

Have a good weekend.