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Here's why fans are convinced another Taylor Swift collab with HAIM is coming

Columbia Records; Beth Garrabrant

One of the standout tracks on Taylor Swift‘s latest album evermore is “No Body, No Crime,” a tale of murder and revenge featuring Taylor’s good pals, sister trio HAIM.  Now fans are convinced that Taylor’s returned the favor by guesting on the trio’s upcoming single.

HAIM announced on Monday that the next single from their Grammy-nominated album, Women In Music Pt. III, is the song “Gasoline.” Obsessed Swifties couldn’t help but notice that in the photo accompanying the announcement, the three sisters are shown posing at a gas station, next to a sign prominently displaying the number 13. 

As most Taylor Swift fans know, 13 is Taylor’s lucky number and she often uses it as an Easter egg in her work.

Then, as Billboard reports, more than one fan also noticed that a song called “Gasoline (Featuring Taylor Swift)” has been registered with the publishing company ASCAP.

So far, neither act has confirmed the rumored collaboration.

By Andrea Dresdale
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