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Help Out Your Fav Restaurants With Better Pics For Social Media!

If you want to help more restaurants survive during the pandemic, Huffington Post suggests that you take better pictures of your food for social media.

Food stylists were interviewed to give us some tips on how to make dishes look delectable when you post on Instagram, Yelp, or any other platform.

If you are bringing takeout home, plate your food as it would look at the restaurant. You might set the table and have a romantic atmosphere with candles and good silverware. No one wants to see your food in a plastic container.  Food looks so sad in there…..

Reheat your food to give it that just-cooked look on camera. Take your pictures with a neutral background so the meal can shine without a distracting background. Basically, make sure the food is the star!

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Do you like or loathe food pictures on social media?