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Heartbreaking…Shannen Doherty’s Breast Cancer Is Back – Stage 4

I saw this this morning on GMA!  At first I thought YES!!!!  A story about Shannen!  I love her, have for years!  Even when people were turning on her back in the 90’s, Shannen/Brenda Walsh was always my girl.  I’ve loved her movies, her guest spots on TV shows, of course as Pru on Charmed, and the reboot of 9021o.

By the way, she also talks about knowing her cancer had come back while she was shooting the reboot and only confided in one co-star – Brian Austin Green.

We all knew her story of breast cancer and how she beat it.  We thought she was on the other side of the disease.  Then this morning, she broke it to us with Amy Robach on Good Morning America.

Let’s hope she can beat it again! My prayers and thoughts go out to you Shannen!