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Harry Styles pelted by chicken nuggets during NYC show

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Looks like Lady Gaga isn’t the only artist dealing with rowdy fans hurling items at her while she’s performing — it’s also happening to Harry Styles.

Harry’s stage was pelted with cold chicken nuggets as he performed at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Saturday. At first, he was amused when he noticed the deep-fried treat being tossed onstage.

“Very interesting,” he teased while waving around the food item, according to Twitter user @kiwik94. “Very interesting approach! Who threw the chicken nugget?”

He then looked down, noticed “another chicken nugget” on the stage and chuckled.  But, his tone changed after the crowd began chanting, “Eat it!”

Turns out, the Grammy winner isn’t a meat eater. “I don’t eat chicken, sorry,” he declared before tossing the cold nugget back toward the audience. “I don’t eat meat.” 

If that wasn’t enough reason for Harry to reject the snack, he also took issue that fans didn’t bother serving him up a fresh, hot treat. “First of all, this is cold. And, I’m assuming, very old,” he quipped before picking up the second nugget and seemingly locking eyes with the poultry pelter.

“You want it back? Why?!” Harry asked before chucking it at the mystery fan, ordering them not to eat it.  Unfortunately, the “As It Was” singer didn’t throw it hard enough, so he told the disappointed concertgoer, “Now it’s on the floor. Don’t go looking for it, we’ll get you another nugget. Fear not.”

Both Harry and Lady Gaga have been dealing with fans throwing things at them during their concerts, causing fans to hotly debate whether the practice is acceptable or not.

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