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Halsey teases that 2021 will be "the most ridiculous year of my career yet"

Aiden Cullen

We don’t know what Halsey has planned for 2021, exactly, but it sure sounds like it’s going to be exciting.

On Monday, it was revealed that the singer is lending her voice to the animated sequel Sing 2.  “My character Portia is amazing and AWFUL hahahaha,” she tweeted. “I can’t wait for this I loveddddddd Sing so much I nearly fainted when they asked me to be in the sequel !!!!!”

Halsey then revealed that her role was just the first of five big secrets she’s keeping about the upcoming year and, she added, “They get progressively wild.”

All of them will take place in 2021, and some, she said, have been “years in the making.”

She further explained that the remaining secrets are “very different,” and she’s most excited about secret #2 — because it’ll be revealed in two weeks — and #5, because it’s “out of this world.” 

When a fan commented that Halsey’s doing “the most to make sure 2021 is top tier,” Halsey replied, “The most ridiculous year of my career yet. Nonstop explosion. !!!!!”

When asked what happened to her idea of taking a break, Halsey joked, “Who needs a break when I can do cool s**t for you guys instead.”

She concluded her teasing by saying of her secrets, “different people will gravitate towards different things and (in my opinion) they get better as they go on. im lucky to have a job I love just as much now as when I started, bright eyed with a world of opportunity.”

Halsey’s 2020 has been exciting, too.  Among other things, she published her first book of poetry, landed a major role in the TV series The Player’s Table, and even interviewed Sen. Bernie Sanders — so we’ll just have to stay tuned to see what’s next.

By Andrea Dresdale
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