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Halsey Sends Support To Kanye West, ‘If You Can’t Offer Understanding Or Sympathy, Offer Your Silence’

25-year-old singer Halsey is coming to the defense of Kanye West. Although she didn’t call him by name a series of tweets clearly discusses his bipolar disorder and how people’s jokes, “contribute to the stigma that damages an entire community…”

“You can hate someone’s actions or opinions without contributing to the stigma that damages an entire community of sometimes vulnerable people all for a couple of laughs,” writes Halsey.

Halsey went on to explain that “lots of people have bipolar disorder” and ended her advice to those who are ignorant of bipolar disorder, “Sincerely, Human Being with a Decade Long Bipolar Diagnosis.”

Halsey suffered a suicide attempt at the age of 17 due to her bipolar disorder. In 2019 Kanye told David Letterman and dealing with bipolar disorder explaining that while in the middle of a manic episode he experiences, “hyper-paranoia” and the feeling that “everyone is an actor” and “everyone is trying to kill you.”

Can you sympathize with Halsey and Kanye due to your own bouts of bipolar disorder? Share your experiences that will help others understand the disorder.

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