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Halsey joins other musicians in endorsing Bernie Sanders for president

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ABC/Image Group LASen. Bernie Sanders has racked up a slew of celebrity endorsements, including Jason Mraz, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and rock legend Neil Young. Now, Halsey has joined the chorus.

In a video tweeted by Sanders’ campaign and posted on Halsey’s socials, the “Without Me” says she’s officially endorsing Sanders because, she says, “Bernie has been fighting for me since before I was alive.”

She goes on to describe herself as “a queer woman in a multi-racial family who was raised poor in an American suburb.”

“A woman who got into the college of her dreams and couldn’t afford to go,” she continues. “A person physically tormented by a reproductive health disorder that I couldn’t afford to treat. A person who has repeatedly needed access to medical assistance, housing assistance, financial assistance, abortion, all before 21 years old, just so I could stay alive.”

Halsey goes on to say that now that she’s successful and has “financial privilege,” she continues to fight for young women in the same position she used to be in. As she puts it, “That girl, who wasn’t protected.”

“Bernie was fighting for me before I was even born, ’cause that’s his philosophy,” she notes. “Fight for somebody that you don’t know.”

She ends by saying that if Sanders wins, it would “symbolize a revolutionary shift in the way that a government is SUPPOSED to work…a shift that is long overdue.”

On Instagram, Halsey notes that she initially endorsed Sanders in 2016 and explains why by saying, “When I look at some of the other candidates, or members of my newfound [wealthy] class, I see actions that have nothing to do with being wealthy and everything to do with being selfish.”

Sanders and former VP Joe Biden are both competing for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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