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Halsey apologizes for sharing triggering Instagram photo of her "lowest point"

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Halsey got in on the “post a photo of” trend on Instagram Stories Sunday, but had to quickly delete one photo that was triggering for some fans.

When asked to share a photo of her “lowest point,” the singer shared a mirror selfie of her body from when she was struggling with an eating disorder. Followers began calling her out for not having a proper trigger warning before the photo.

“TW: disordered eating I am very sorry for posting a photo of myself depicting my struggle with ED without a sufficient trigger warning,” Halsey wrote on Twitter. “I was very nervous to post it and didn’t think properly. I had positive intentions. I would never want to harm someone who shares my struggle.”

She said that the post was immediately taken down Sunday night, adding, “if you are still sharing it with the intent of making my action seem malicious you are hurting people the very way you are accusing me of having done.”

“I don’t need to be yelled at in the name of being educated right now,” Halsey continued. “I made an honest mistake because I was nervous to share one of the worst times of my life with tens millions of people. My desire to be confident overshadowed my knowledge of how to share triggering content.”

Halsey told fans she’d be logging off for a bit, “because this has turned into something I am not emotionally equipped to handle for the time being. I hope that’s okay.”

By Andrea Tuccillo
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