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Gwen Stefani is thrilled with gift from "Ariana"…Grande?

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Jamie Nelson

In Gwen Stefani’s new single “Let Me Reintroduce Myself,” she sings, “See in color like new crayons.”  Well, evidently, Ariana Grande was listening and she liked what she heard.

On her Instagram stories, Gwen showed off a beautiful floral arrangement she received: A bunch of sunflowers in a planter that’s rimmed with dozens of colorful crayons.

“So I’m just being my normal self in my house and I come into this room and I see this,” Gwen says in the video. “Hmm, I wonder who it’s from?”

She then reveals a handwritten card, which reads, “Congratulations on your new single!!! i love it and am such a huge fan. love, ariana.”

“What?? Ariana Grande?? Ahhh!” Gwen screams.  “Thank you so much, Ariana Grande. That was so sweet of you! I mean, Wow!”

But then, Gwen second-guesses herself.

“Wait a minute. What if this isn’t the real Ariana Grande and it’s just an Ariana?” she asks. “Do you think it’s the real Ariana Grande? Awkward!”  

So far, the “real” Ariana Grande hasn’t confirmed that it’s actually was her who sent the flowers.  One fan claimed it wasn’t because “that’s not how she writes her ‘a’s’.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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