Get Your Hershey’s S’mores Caddy At Target! Or Just Use Your Own Box….?

The next time you go on a camping trip make sure you pack your Hershey’s S’mores caddy if you’re serious about making the treat around the campfire.

The caddy is now available at Target and while it doesn’t include the ingredients you need to make the s’mores, it does come with trays to help you make sure all your ingredients are in order.

The caddy only costs $10 and it even comes with a one year warranty, you know for just in case you drop it into the fire or something like that.

OR JUST TAKE A BOX THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE IN A CLOSET!!!  I really don’t get it.  Maybe people will buy it now and 50 years in the future on “American Pickers” someone will be selling it as an antique for $100.

What’s your recipe for making the perfect s’mores? Do you remember the first time you had s’mores?